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“T” Rough Stainless

“T” Rough Stainless

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Beer tower features :

  • Impressive polished threaded contrast
  • Exclusively built by Fût Mauricie
  • 2 stainless finish available
  • Beer lines and shank in Stainless 304SS+
  • Pipes and cooling blocks in brass for a guaranteed cold beer at the faucets.

Included with the beer tower package

  • Faucets in Stainless 304SS according to the number of lines
  • 4 Threaded Rod kit, 4″ length to attach to the counter with nut, lock washer and washer.
  • Beer lines exit 1/4″ OD
  • Cooling brass lines exit 3/8″ OD

Additional features
Color Rough, Brushed
Number of Taps 6, 8, 10, 4
Diameter N/A

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