Product Description

Shipped from 7-10 business days

When buying this draft beer tower, please send your desired logo to engraved on the frontal laser engraving. 

Curve, it’s the custom made draft beer tower at the reach of anyone. Curve, it’s the ultimate product for an industrial branding, made from a unique process of laser engraving the wooden front plate. Curve, it’s your custom built draft beer tower at lowest price available on the market.

Beer tower overview 

  • Exclusivity by FM
  • Laser engraved wooden plate
  • Curved stainless steel box
  • 2 finishes available :
    • Brass Pedestals & Black Powder Coating SS Box
    • Brushed Stainless Steel Pedestals & Black Powder Coating SS Box
  • Built inside FM’s factory
  • Lines for beer and ” Shank ” in Stainless 304SS

Here’s what’s included in the package

  • 304SS Stainless faucets depending on the number of selected lines
  • ” 8 Threaded Rod ” Set of 4″ in length to fix on the counter with nut, lock washer and washer .
  • Output 1/4 beer lines “OD
  • Output of the cooling lines 3/8 ” OD