Product Description

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Arcadia, a real brass & copper work of art who will fit into any rustic or modern ambiances. It’s a layout of two different metals that completes each other perfectly as this design is in high demand with the current year trends. The draft beer tower which is built exclusively by FM is a part of the best seller collection Arcadia, which is renown all around North America. You will find the perfect solution for your draft beer system with a tower that can pour as much as 14 draft beer lines.

Beer tower overview

  • Glycol Cooling System

◦ An air system may be available, please contact us for more information

  • Made from real copper and brass
  • Antique copper finish is an exclusive & unique process made by FM to age the metals
  • The beer tower is crafted in the FM’s factory
  • Lines for beer and ” Shank ” in Stainless 304SS

Here’s what’s in the package

  • 304SS Stainless faucets depending on the number of selected lines
  • ” 8 Threaded Rod ” Set of 4″ in length to fix on the counter with nut, lock washer and washer .
  • Output 1/4 beer lines “OD
  • Output of the cooling lines 3/8 ” OD