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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are continuing our operations to ensure every customer is properly taken care of. We are practicing social distancing and proper safety measures. Any questions about draught system shutdowns can be answered by calling (902) 477-BEER.


little bit more about us and our work

Big promises can lead to better experiences.

There are only two reasons companies hesitate to make big promises; either they’re afraid they can’t deliver, or they can’t be bothered. We prefer to challenge the status quo when it comes to designing and installing custom draught systems. We make big promises, and we keep them.

OUR REPUTATION is the most valuable thing we own.

If we design a draught beer system to ‘wow’ you, saving staff and bartenders time, or reducing on-site maintenance costs – we’ll show you how and why it works. If we go out on a limb to meet a tight timeline, you can bank on the fact we’ll move heaven and earth to meet it. And, if you challenge us to design a system that sets a new standard in terms of creating a unique customer experience, we guarantee it will also make you more profitable than the system you use today.

After 25 years of servicing, designing and installing draught beer systems, we’ve developed standards and practices that we refuse to compromise. For example, we won’t use inferior equipment just to win a job contract. It’s that kind of short-term thinking that always costs customers money after the installer is long gone. Another Draught Pro non-negotiable is what we call our ‘Left to Right Approach’ – a design strategy we’ve developed that maximizes efficiencies behind the bar.

The fact that we continue to service more than 90% of our own Draught Pro installs after all these years, speaks volumes to the importance we place on partnerships and customer loyalty. We consult, listen and work to integrate client ideas – but we refuse to lower our customer service standards.

That’s a promise we made to ourselves a long time ago.

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